what we read

Listen, we’re not trying to brag (especially since this is a pretty lame thing to brag about) but people are always asking us what blogs we’re reading so we’ve compiled a definitive list. Here’s everything you should read if you want to spend an inordinate amount of time on your computer.

People we know and like:
Andy and Lindsey Patton
Molly Cover
Kelly Hagan
Sarah Tucker
Annie Dimond 

So we have something to say at cocktail parties:
The Atlantic Wire
New York Mag’s Vulture Blog
NPR Tumblr
In Focus: The Atlantic Photography Blog

So we know how to make our house pretty:
Design Is Mine
Young House Love
Once Wed
Wit and Delight
A Piece of Toast

So we know how to make ourselves pretty:
The Midwestyle
Fresh Every Day
All Plaid Out
Into the Gloss 

So we can impress boys by baking:
Joy the Baker
Ezra Pound Cake
Espresso and Cream
Cooking After Five

Things that make us laugh:
Hello Giggles
Free Association with Kate Riley
To My Wife Tumblr
The Awl

Things that make us think:
Shauna Niequist
Katie Davis
Art House America
Etymologie: Anthropologie’s Word Blog

Collections of beautiful things:
That Kind of Woman
Storm in a Teacup
Anchor Divisienne
A Merry Mishap 

And a little bonus something for your ears- our favorite podcasts:
This American Life
Planet Money
Joy the Baker


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