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people we know and like: molly mulcahy

Molly wasn’t always my friend, in fact the first thing I knew about her was that she emphatically did not want to be my friend. We interned at my church together the summer after freshman year. At the first meeting, we sat around a conference table drinking Kool-Aid squeeze it’s and answering perfunctory “get to know you” questions, when it was Molly’s turn she let us all know that she already had five best friends and she wasn’t looking for anymore.

That settled it.

Except somehow in between Sundays spent eating pizza in the prayer room and trips to the lake we did become friends. She let me borrow her clothes (mostly, I think, so she could borrow mine) and we bonded over our mutual love for hanging out all the time. At the end of the summer when her five best friends came back, we stayed friends. There’s a pretty lasting bond that’s formed when you end up in the police blotter for accidentally falling through a ceiling because you are so completely consumed by an elaborate campus-wide treasure hunt. (The victory of which you are both still convinced was brutally ripped from your hands, but that’s a story for a different day….) That week of treasure hunting, the all consuming nature of which simply cannot be explained unless you have experienced it, pretty much solidified our friendship.

Molly may not be your best friend but she is absolutely the best at being a friend. She will tell you when you’re wearing something she doesn’t like but will also tell you to just wear clothes. She will read you the Jesus Storybook Bible out loud with very little coercion and she always wants to eat good food. She likes routine (she is an accountant, after all) and was the co-founder of Moe Wednesday’s and the coalition of people who sit in Memorial Union. She remembers all of your important events, even going so far as to send me a bouquet of my favorite kind of pens in honor of starting grad school. She is equally up for an adventure as she is for lying around all afternoon watching ABC Family movies wrapped up in her beloved Slanket. She is honest, the kind of honest that is winsome and makes you want to be honest too.

I always say it’s good to have friends for different occasions. For instance, you need a friend who is hilarious, a friend who is wise, a friend who will watch whole seasons of Laguna Beach with you in one day, a friend who will listen to you talk about a boy you like, etc. And if you happen to find all these qualities and more in one friend, well then I don’t think you need any more.

That settles it. 😉

What? You need more reasons that Molly is so great? Well just read her answers to our really official questionnaire!

1. What is your memoir title?
where’s my calculator? true stories from a christian AND an accountant.

2. What is your favorite thing on the internet right now?
this – in eager anticipation of his arrival in kc on september 9th (damn you kathleen edwards for sweeping up the pieces of his broken heart after that bitch emma!)

3. Whats your most embarrassing song in your top 25 most played?
hold on by wilson phillips. i swear i loved this before bridesmaids made it big again!  also, i’m a confessed belieber – ‘eenie meenie’ is frequently on when i need some encouragement to get dressed for my big girl job.

4. What fictional character do you most identify with?
in a really bizarre way – scarlet o’hara from gone with the wind. she is really selfish and manipulates people to get what she wants. at the end of the book (spoiler alert) she just ends up sad and isolated. this is what i think my life would look like if jesus didn’t promise to finish the work he has started in my heart. 

5. Whats on your nightstand?

bible, journal, lots of books i want to read but probably wont ever. and an awesome mini hippopotamus my friend lindsey brought back from uganda for me.

6. What is your favorite word?
i’ve been using oscillate a lot recently. it feels really fancy, but really just means back and forth. well, i’m not sure if that is what it means but dammit thats how i’m going to use it!

7 .What do you most value in your friends?
 the ability to oscillate between a conversation about laguna beach and a conversation about what it means to be satisfied in jesus alone. (see! oscillate is so fun to use!)

8. What would you make a documentary about?
what my dog does all day when i’m gone. including, but not limited to, eating my socks and throwing them up at 5am on my birthday.

9. What’s the best group project you’ve ever participated in?
since i had all of 3 in college and they were all miserable, i’d say fourth grade in mrs nichols class where we adopted baby chicks. i got an a.


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where everybody knows your name: thoughts on small town dining

As I get ready to move to St. Louis, I’m inevitably getting nostalgic about my time in Columbia. Instead of making you read some maudlin tribute to my time here I’m going to talk instead about one of the best parts of living in a small town- being known by local waiters. I love routine and am a creature of habit, so it shouldn’t surprise you that my heart swells with joy whenever a server at a local establishment recognizes me. I think it’s important to be known for something and since I don’t yet have an incredible talent or marketable skill, I will settle for being “the girl who comes to this restaurant a lot.” Over the past five years, three servers stand out above the rest and will be greatly missed when I move to the big city.

Jessica at Addison’s: Oh gosh, what can I possibly say about this wonderful woman. My friends and I have frequented Addison’s weekly since my sophomore year in college to take advantage of their half price drinks and appetizers after 10. Addison’s nachos are a thing of wonder. Wonton chips, asiago cheese sauce, kalmata olives, black beans, and banana peppers form this delicious and whimsical take on traditional nacho fare. My friends and I have eaten a lot of these nachos over the years but we’ve also gained a less than stellar reputation at the place. We’re the party that comes in saying they have five and suddenly fifteen show up. Sometimes we’re too cheap to order drinks so we’ll split two plates of nachos for the whole table. Every waitress’s dream! We try to be polite and always tip well but the waitresses at Addison’s are downright rude sometimes- that is, until we met Jessica. Jessica is the anti-Addison’s waitress. Polite and perky, she always remembers your drink order and will throw in some life advice with your meal. Jessica is married with two small children (who I met when she inadvertently showed up at a garage sale I had!) and another on the way. She says she likes to waitress a few nights a week because it gets her out of the house, she says it’s been great for her marriage. I know this because one night she sat down at our table, gave us marriage advice, and then brought us free dessert. She has celebrated countless birthdays, bachelorette parties, and long overdue catch-ups between my group of friends, we’ve begun to consider her a friend as well.

Renzo at Taqueria: If you need a self-esteem boost, Taqueria is the place to go. Taqueria is one of those wonderful hole in the wall restaurants that is surely full of health violations but the food is so good you manage not to think about it. Renzo was the youngest waiter at Taqueria and clearly the most Americanized. Unlike Nicholas, Renzo made sure to let you know that he was well aware how often you came into Taqueria, teasing you over your tacos. Taqueria is notorious for getting your order wrong, even something as simple as “two chicken tacos on corn tortilla with salsa and cheese.” I mentioned this to him once and he looked shocked. “They mess up your order, you just tell me and I’ll take care of you.” Whatever you say, Renzo. Though he is no longer there, I’m comforted by the presence of another waiter, known to me as Amigos because he punctuates every sentence with the word. “Water, Amigos?…Ready to order, Amigos?…More chips, Amigos?” It’s no Renzo, but I still appreciate that, in an uncertain world, I can always count on Amigos.

Nicholas at Osaka: The first thing you should know about Nicholas is that he is a six and a half foot tall Russian man who works at a Japanese sushi restaurant. If this isn’t spectacular enough he is also unfailing kind and professional. I appreciate that although I come to Osaka a lot, and when I worked nearby I often ate there alone on my lunch break, he never makes me feel like “Oh, you again. It’s weird how often you come here, I think you are going to get mercury poisoning from eating so much raw fish. Also why don’t you have any friends?” Instead, he gives me a warm smile and we have the same conversation every time. (Imagine the following in a Russian accent) “Ah, hello! How are you today?….Are you ready to order? One Columbia roll and one dinner salad? Ah, okay!” Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name and sometimes you want to go where everyone knows your name but will act like they don’t.

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people we know and like: molly cover

I knew Molly Cover way back when she was still Molly Boggs, Artisan barista and queen of the downtown hipsters. As a freshman, I would hole up for hours in the bunker of the Artisan with my pita bread and hummus and journal about how I had no friends. Molly was usually behind the counter or just strutting around in some vintage clothes being awesome. “That girl is SO cool,” I thought to myself basically every day.

A few years later, I ended up making some friends who were also Molly’s friends. All of the sudden the cool downtown barista was MY friend. It turned out that she wasn’t the unapproachable kind of cool I had imagined her to be, she was the “watch 6 episodes of Degrassi*, listen to Lil’ Romeo and then go drink a bunch of wine” kind of cool, which is way better.  Shortly thereafter, she became Molly Cover, wife of David, owner of TimRiggins, early childhood director at my church, and my go-to friend for eating sushi.

Sometimes Molly and I like to invent scenarios wherein we run the world and make everything better. The best of these plans was our idea for a wine delivery service for people who are sitting at home on a Friday night (or Tuesday morning, we’re not here to judge) and want a glass or so of wine but are too lazy to go to the store. We would obviously be the bosses of this company and because we are so efficient we would only have to work about ten hours a week. (Call us if you’re interested in funding this venture.)

Most of all,  Molly is a wonderful listener and advice giver. She is full of wisdom both serious and otherwise. She gave me great advice when I was thinking about quitting my job earlier this year but also tells me things like “Emily, when you get married you should watch a lot of TV on DVD” and “never ever stop drinking wine, also don’t marry a vegetarian.” She has the rare gift of totally validating everything you say but at the same time helping you realize that mayyyybe you might be a tiny bit wrong. I don’t know how she does it, but I’m so thankful for it. Molly is one of those people who should have a blog and doesn’t. She once had a blog with the best name ever “Molly Bloggs Cover” and why she doesn’t still use it is a mystery to me. Lucky for me, (and you!) she has agreed to do some guest posts for us on subjects Katie and I have no expertise on, like how to live with a boy and a dog.

In case this glowing review hasn’t been enough to convince you how great she is, she agreed to answer the official “but first, coffee questionnaire” to further convince you.

1. What is your memoir title?
I’m Going to be Late, but I’m Bringing Wine; a memoir by Molly Cover

2. What is your favorite thing on the internet right now?
Pinterest. I’m really good at it.

3. Whats your most embarrassing song in your top 25 most played?
I’ll just direct you to my running playlist. It is basically every overplayed pop song that I discovered 2 months after it was cool. Highlights include “Your Love Is My Drug”, “Party In The U.S.A.”, and yes, I’m still listening to “Since You’ve Been Gone.”

4. What fictional character do you most identify with?
My 1st grade self is screaming, “Kelly Kapowski!” My 26 year-old self is probably a sad mix of Liz Lemon from 30 Rock, Pam from The Office, and Don Draper from Mad Men.

5. Whats on your nightstand?
Dog hair, a Westminster Christian Academy cup (go Wildcats), The History of Love, and my kindle.

6. What is your favorite word?
Ding-dong (my softer synonym for “idiot”)

7 .What do you most value in your friends?
Encouragement, honesty, and a good sense of humor.

8. What would you make a documentary about?
Well right off the bat I’ll tell you that it will be about food. Probably baking. I haven’t hammered out the details, but I’d like to follow the lives of 5 different bakers in 5 different bakeries.  See what they do, why they bake, and what inspires them. Either that or another “Say Yes To The Dress” spin-off.

9. What’s the best group project you’ve ever participated in?
EASY. Spanish 3. First semester of my senior year of college. Brian Sturgill and I did a project on El Dia De Los Muertos (the Day of the Dead). It started with Brian acting out his death in a motorcycle crash while “Leader of the Pack” played in the background. We switched to me recounting my memories of him as I stared at his framed senior picture (but I was mainly laughing). We ended with “Crossroads” by Bone Thugs n’ Harmony as Brian walked out in a skeleton mask and taught the class about El Dia De Los Muertos in broken spanish. Then I handed out Halloween cookies. Most of the preparation was spent looking for the mask and buying the cookies at Walmart. We both got A’s.

Molly, you’re the best!

*for the woefully uninformed, Degrassi is a Canadian soap opera for teenagers that tackles EVERY issue that has ever effected teenagers, including testicular cancer. It goes there, guys.


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blogger cage match: hellogiggles vs. matchbook

Every wannabe 20 something girl blogger faithfully worships more seasoned female bloggers. It’s just a fact. Lately I’ve realized that these girls can be divided into two categories: Matchbook girls and HelloGiggles girls. If you aren’t familiar, Matchbook is an online magazine who claims the subtitle “the field guide to a charmed life.” I quickly realized that I was not, in fact, a matchbook girl, considering I love my Adidas sweatpants much more than my yellow cardigan from JCrew; not to mention that my roots are showing and I would much rather have a beer than a mint julep.
Just as I was feeling lost on the internet, wondering if there would ever be a band of females could come up alongside me and appreciate the same things as I do (lounge wear, wearing flip flops in inappropriate places, and self-dying my hair) HelloGiggles came along. These ladies are hilarious. With posts titled “How One Bottle of Grey Nail Polish Made me too Important” how could it not be awesome?
So, just to clarify where you stand, here are some quotes from Matchbook and HelloGiggles:

Matchbook quotes:
The Matchbook girl… is trying her hand at @GwynethPaltrow‘s grilled tuna rolls – a perfect summer lunch, we say:)

The Matchbook girl…is the queen of the artfully arranged vignette.

The Matchbook girl… adds strawberry picking and a new croquet set to her Summer wish list.

Being kind is the Matchbook way 🙂

The Matchbook girl… has a soft spot for letterpress and apricot ink.

This Matchbook girl never met a gingham she did not like.

HelloGiggles quotes:
Look, I’m not saying write out a list that describes Prince Charming down to the freckles in his eyes, but don’t just settle on anyone that happens to be funny with a job – Marissa A. Ross

I always just feel like I’m being bossed around when I go to a surprise party: “Oh, could you park your car 4 blocks away so she doesn’t see?” Or when you are suddenly shushed from your mindless small talk with someone’s 2nd cousin because of a false alarm that the GUEST of HONOR has arrived. Do not shush me until you have 100 % confirmation and also just don’t say, “Shhh!” to me, ever.- Sophia Rossi

Anyway, so on this lovely Sunday at one of LA’s finest establishments, I was not exactly feeling my finest. I knew this wasn’t my crowd (beautiful, fashionable, married ladies). – Sophia Rossi

I walked into the restaurant alone, shifting my tights and taking a deep breath as I tried to overcome the fear of assigned seating. That is everyone’s fear at a party, admit it. -Sophia Rossi

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love grocery shopping. If there’s another thing you should know about me, it’s that I like Paris Hilton’s music. Like, I bought it and it’s on my iPod. – Stephanie Sparer

I pretended instead that I’m cool and collected and not neurotic as I silently picked up some Earl Grey and she, some vegan gluten free non-dairy organic something Oolong and we parted ways before I got the chance to tell her Rachel Cruz was lying, but if I was a lesbian, I’d be like Portia de Rossi. Seriously, that woman is crazy gorgeous. – Stephanie Sparer

So, I had bleached hair and it started to get really weird because of the pool and the sun. It was like, a blondish greenish. Not appealing! So I decided, “Oh, I am going to try to be all cool like Joan Jett and cut it off so it wont look bad anymore!”
BIG MISTAKE! – Ruby Karp

These are the words I repeat to myself when I need to create an empowering moment.- Marianna Tabares

As much as I’m dedicated to the hip hop lifestyle, I also like to mellow out with moody indie rock. How diverse of me! – Molly McAleer

So, ladies, who is it going to be? Matchbook or HelloGiggles?


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