what we like this week


  • In non-Internet related things I like, this weather is at the top of my list. Two weeks of heat advisories have given way to milder (i.e. 90 degree) days with mornings just begging to be enjoyed on my sun porch with some iced coffee and Billie Holiday. Who am I to deny these mornings?
  • In food related things I like, this gilt article about cooking without recipes has given me a new found confidence in the kitchen. As has reading Jenny Rosenstrach’s lovely cookbook “Dinner, A Love Story”. This week I attempted to make strawberry jam and though it turned out more like strawberry syrup you can’t really go wrong combining strawberries and sugar- amiright? More successful was Peas and Thank You’s Thai Zucchini Impasta Salad, the dressing of which has been making it’s way onto everything i’ve eaten in the past few days. (Gilt article via Kat White)
  • In space related things I like, scientists are working to figure out the best way for astronauts to eat a diverse array of food while on the long mission to Mars. (I can’t think about humans going to Mars for too long because it makes my head explode.)
  • And finally, in random internet things I like there is Texts from Jane Eyre which is, well, exactly what is sounds like and a beautiful video about a man who makes custom wooden canoes.


  • So the UN passed an act last week that declared internet access a Human Right. IS this a sign of the times OR WHAT?
  • God forbid I post a McSweeney’s article…but what the hell…here I go. Jesse Eisenberg with “Bream Gives Me Hiccups: Restaurant Reviews From a Privileged Nine-Year Old.”
  • Hello? Is anyone laughing with me here? I present to you the funniest political protest signs EVER.
  • I am really into this tumblr lately: people submit photos of others reading on New York’s Subway system. Love.
  • FINALLY. A list of the 10 best TV spots directed by Wes Anderson.
  • As mentioned on this blog before, I am intrigued by riots of any kind (political, social, ect.). Here is an account of what it is like to be on the other side of a riot (i.e. not actually doing the rioting). (via The Guardian)

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