what we like this week


  • This Lyyke Li cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Silver Springs” makes me have all kinds of positive feelings
  • I am so excited to see Beasts of the Southern Wild when it comes out. Here are some great interviews about the films stars
  • My summer reading list is growing way too long but I couldn’t resist adding The Age of Miracles to it. Doesn’t it sound amazing?
  • Have y’all watched “The Newsroom” yet? Katie and I are devoted Aaron Sorkin fans and have been emailing each other every last article on the subject for months. The pilot is free on YouTube (after that you’ll have to find a friend willing to let you borrow their HBO…) and the opening scene is just amazing. Sorkin’s first series “Sports Night” is on Netflix and definitely worth a viewing as well. You should trust me on this, my spiritual gift is recommending tv shows.
  • Speaking of summer tv, if the heat has fried all your brain cells and you can’t seem to do anything but lie on your couch, may I recommend “Pretty Little Liars” (also a recent Netflix addition!) It’s terrible, yes. But Grantland recaps it so it’s got to have some cultural cache. Just trust me, okay?


  • Lena Dunham writes a tribute to her friend and mentor, Nora Ephron in The New Yorker. “You can’t possibly meet someone right now. When I met Nick, I was already totally notorious.”
  • Emily and I LOVE Emma Stone. We just cannot get enough. (via Vulture)
  • This.
  • A list of note, in which Nora Ephron details what she won’t and will miss in life. (via Lists of Note)
  • Can we talk about the trailer for the upcoming adaptation of Anna Karenina? Mind=blown. (via Slate)
  • I love Lana Del Ray (Emily is not a fan). Check out her new music video for “National Anthem,” in which she plays the Jackie O to A$AP Rocky’s JFK. Sold.

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