what we like this week


  • You want to know what I like this week? I like that at 12:15 tomorrow I will be on spring break and fully intend to spend next week wearing loungewear and making extravagant breakfasts.
  • SCIENCE! (PS this is what my roommate yells every time I run a hot pan under water and steam comes up- also, yes I know that you aren’t supposed to do that)
  • Speaking of science, this video encapsulates most of the thoughts I have about why space is awesome and we should talk about it more.
  • In case you weren’t aware, it’s spring. Let’s pretend we live in DC and get drinks with Sam Seaborn after work and talk about cherry blossoms.
  • File this Flickr set under: Get out of my head!
  • Check out these haunting pictures of girls with their American Girl dolls, and then read about what your doll said about you. Katie and I both had Kirsten.


  • Here’s what I like: the fact that I’m an ADULT. I just ate italian ice and a baguette for dinner. TAKE THAT, WORLD.
  • Wes Anderson made an ad for some sort of smartphone. Who cares what kind; this is awesome.
  • YEP….still excited about HBO’s premiere of Girls. If you want to know what my life looks like, then watch this trailer.
  • And speaking of trailers, can we talk about Francis Ford Coppola’s adaptation of On The Road? I’m a little skeptical about casting Kristen Stewart…but maybe she’s just insane enough for that role.
  • “This is sad! O little book! A day will come in truth when someone over your page will say, ‘The hand that wrote it is no more.’” Here are some complaints penned in the margins of medieval manuscripts by monks.
  • As for the weekend….THIS is all you need to concern yourself with. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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