what we like this week


  • So a few of my dear friends are in this band called Milano here in Chicago. I adore them, and I think you would too. Their new single “Festival” came out yesterday. Get it HERE.
  • An incredible story from The New York Times about how prisoners with dementia are being treated by fellow inmates.
  • In honor of True/False this weekend, where Emily and I will be reuniting for what our college town has nicknamed “hipster homecoming,” here is a short documentary that will make your heart melt. May I present “Pickin’ & Trimmin.”
  • So I love the blog “Letters of Note,” but the other day I found out that “Lists of Note” is a thing! So far there are lists detailing The 10 Rules of Con Men, the rules for the Anti-Flirt Club, and 10 Rules for Wives. Dying.
  • The animated short “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore” rivals the beginning montage of “Up.” I’m weeping. So whimsical.


  • A great little piece on the architecture of happiness from Art House America. “These commonplace cathedrals create space that says, “You are welcome. You are expected. Come and rest.”
  • fascinating article on the importance of biodiversity but I will warn you, it contains terrifying photos of giant bugs.
  • This photo series is a beautiful way to give dignity to the elderly.
  • Listen to this while this plays in the background. You’re welcome.
  • Picked up “Behind the Beautiful Forevers” by Katherine Boo at the library today (consequently, I had to take a career interest test for class this week and the career I am overwhelmingly most suited for is a librarian…)

Alright we’re headed out! Be back smarter and more well-versed in pressing world issues!


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One response to “what we like this week

  1. Erin

    Yay for the Arthouse link; my roommate Meredith wrote it!

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