what we like this week


  • Today it was 65 degrees in beautiful St. Louis and let me tell you spring weather makes me feel like a new person! I’m almost as happy as an owl getting a head massage. (Via Molly)
  • Things I should have said to Connie Britton (aka Tami Taylor) when she came into my coffee shop. I would like to add “Can I borrow your aviators?”
  • This photo makes me feel very calm, which is a pretty big feat considering I ate A LOT of Valentine’s candy before my night class and am currently focusing all my energy on not dancing to the Justin Timberlake song that’s playing in a loop in my head.
  • Oh hey, I’m a part of Kinfolk and most of the time I just smoke my pipe and eat beautiful meals outdoors and my life is AMAZING.
  • This article on the language of marriage is old but I just love it.


  • President Obama sings “Sweet Home Chicago,” much to this crowd’s enjoyment. (via Paste)
  • So my dear friend Heather recently helped start this blog called Useful Broads. She’s incredibly badass. Check out the most recent post, which addresses how every proper lady should know how to write a letter.
  • As someone who never really “got” “Sex and the City,” I’m so excited for HBO’s NEW series about young ladies in NYC, titled “Girls.” (via AV Club)
  • A poem for girls who read, by Mark Grist. (via Brain Pickings)
  • “The Art of Distraction,” A recent OpEd from the New York Times.

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