what we like this week


  • This isn’t a link but I just NEED to tell y’all about Burt’s Bee’s new medicated lip balm. I have some seriously chapped lips that not even the strongest of medicated chap sticks (even one’s labeled “intensive” “severe” “overnight therapy” are not enough) turns out all I needed was a little eucalyptus oil! This stuff is awesome and you should buy it.
  • If you’ve ever had a conversation with me we’ve probably talked about how I grew up in North Carolina which contrary to the erroneous beliefs of basically everyone in the Mid-West is located in the South. This article looks at some the South’s most famous creatives and wonders how we can reclaim “the old melancholy” that was once the hallmark of Southern art.
  • 20 of the most beautiful bookstores in the world, sadly mostly located very far from me.
  • This for breakfast and this for dinner makes me a very happy girl


Sorry not sorry. This is all I can really handle this week.


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  1. The sloth meltdown. Omg. Yes.

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