what we like this week


  • I know I’ve talked about the Voyager Golden Record before but I just think it’s so amazing. Science is great, but science with a love story is even better.
  • My favorite thing about those “shit whoever says” videos is we all know that it’s becoming too ubiquitous and played out but we can’t stop watching because “it’s just so true!” Let me add to this trend by bringing you “shit Liz Lemon says” and in case you missed it “shit nobody says”
  • Typographer hates Mission Impossible font– someone has to stand up for these sorts of things
  • Speaking of not being able to stop something even though its ubiquitous and played out, I think all of the “twenty-something” articles on Thought Catalog are hilarious. It’s just so true! Check out spending money like a twenty something, seven things a twenty something can do, six things every twenty something is afraid of, and of course twenty things every five something should know
  • So, besides some space news i’ve given up on having links with any sort of substance this week. Thus, I bring you Taylor Swift’s Vogue cover story. I’ve gotten way too many emails the past two weeks asking if i’ve read it because it makes it clear that Taylor and I are kindred spirits. THAT’S WHAT I’VE BEEN TRYING TO TELL Y’ALL

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