“heavy boots:” a mix for winter

So there I was, checking the Chicago forecast for tomorrow and what do ya know?? 6 (more) inches of snow! Out of excitement and respect for the wonderful time of year that is late January I made a mix inspired by cold toes, the flannel shirt I’m wearing, and the runny nose I’ve had for a month straight. It might even be the saddest mix I’ve ever made….but in a good way. Its on Spotify; get it here.



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5 responses to ““heavy boots:” a mix for winter

  1. Thank you for this playlist, it’s perfect for a day like today. I just moved to the Chicago area and am loving the snow after 5 years in SC.

  2. Beth,
    Kat told Emily and I that she had a friend in Chicago! We need to get Kat and Emily up here and all hang out! What area of Chicago do you live in?

  3. We definitely do, I think we could come up with a good plan to get them here. My husband and I are in Schaumburg, so far we are loving it! Do you live in the city?

  4. We’re having the So Cal version of snow here today – aka a few hours of rain. 😦 Haha. This playlist is perfect!

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