what i (emily) like this week

We know it’s been quiet around here but we’ve been busy taking plans, trains, and automobiles across the Midwest and up the east coast to get home for Christmas!


  • Besides Jesus and candy canes, listening to David Sedaris talk about being a Macy’s elf is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. Here’s an excerpt from The Santaland Diaries but to get the full effect, including his amazing Billie Holiday impression, you should buy the whole audiobook!
  • A lovely new song from The Civil Wars, i’m seeing them in January and couldn’t be more excited to hear great music and watch questionable sexual tension!
  • Annie Dillard’s thoughts on wonder. “How can an old world be so innocent?”
  • Give Me Something To Read’s list of the best stories of 2011. I highly recommend the New Yorker story on Scientology even though after I read it I got scared the church of scientology would know I read it and come find me and try to brainwash me. They are that creepy y’all!
  • A high school English teacher explains to his students why they read poetry. Lovely in a “Dead Poet’s Society” sort of way. (via Kathryn White)
  • Finally, does anyone have any good books they’d like to recommend for my Christmas break reading? I’m almost done with Devil in the White City and am hoping to start Let the Great World Spin after that but i’d love some more suggestions!



    • Apparently our dear friend is too busy reliving her high school glory days to remember that we have a blog so i’m just going to tell you what she would have told y’all which is that Taylor Swift has a song with The Civil Wars on The Hunger Games soundtrack. If there are three things we both love it is those three things! Buy it here -Emily




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4 responses to “what i (emily) like this week

  1. noellerichter

    Reading Jane Eyre right now, can’t overlook a good classic.
    also this by erik larson, started, and it’s very good!

    or, you can join me in reading all jane austen’s novels in 2012!

  2. Ohh I missed the Civil Wars when they came to LA in November and I am so sad still! Super jealous you get to see them!

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