what i (katie) like this week

Well, guess you are stuck with me this week! Emily is currently fulfilling bridesmaid duties in beautiful Charleston.

  • “This transitional time can be bittersweet, but our innate human longing for home is not ungrounded.” This article speaks to the period in life where you realize you no longer have a home, in the transitional sense. Resounded with me, for sure. (via Relevant Magazine)
  • I want to change the name of this article to “Things that happen on TV shows that I wished happened in real life. Except the bra thing. Women who sleep with bras on are weird.” (via HelloGiggles)
  • Harris Tweed: The Story of the Greatest Cloth of All. I love a man in tweed, especially the old men based in Scotland who weave the stuff. Extraordinary. (via Brain Pickings)
  • If you aren’t a 30 Rock fan, then where have you been for the past 5 years??? Here’s a preview for the upcoming 6th season. I suggest you get on this show STAT. Its hilarious, guys.(via Paste)
  • One of my favorite TED talks ever: J.J. Abrams’ mystery box. I just love that guy.
  • Ok, now get out of here. Have a good weekend!


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