what we like this week


  • Thanksgiving break is upon us, friends! For me that means maybe, juuuust maybe, i’ll get the chance to read something not required. A book is, unfortunately, out of the question but I think i’ll I have a chance to work through someofthesearticles. (via Conor Friedersdorf and his flawless Best of Journalism newsletter)
  • If you haven’t purposely turned on Adele because you want to cry then you are a robot.
  • Madewell’s storyteller scarves are things of beauty and wonder.
  • This needs to be in my crockpot, STAT
  • “What Was There” uses google street view overlaid with old photos of what used to be there. History is pretty cool, yall.
  • James Vincent McMorrow  and Gregory Alan Isakov will serve as my “wistful train music” on my way to Chicago to reunite with Katie and friends for “Treat Yo Self 2011 Part II”



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One response to “what we like this week

  1. Last week, the 4-year-old that I babysit told me that she likes to listen to Adele, but sometimes it makes her cry. Yeah. She and I both.

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