what we like this week


  • The Tweaker: Steve Job’s Real Genius,” by Malcolm Gladwell from The New Yorker. Super interesting read about the man himself.
  • In music news, it looks like Sigur Rós will be releasing a new album in the spring. The band, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, called the album “introverted,” “floaty and minimal” “ambient” and “a slow takeoff toward something.” Sounds sort of like how I would describe myself. Just kidding. Also click on this link to hear them perform “Festival” from their concert film “Inni.”
  • NATURE IS AMAZING. This video, captured by a few girls by what looks like accident, is breathtaking. I’m so full of wanderlust right now its not even funny.
  • “Four Weddings and a Meltdown” by Erin Foster for HelloGiggles. Duh.
  • This trailer for a documentary coming out made my jaw drop. These guys do something that can perhaps be described as base jumping, slacklining, and bungy jumping all rolled into an insane exercise in man vs. gravity. I’m obsessed with these dudes.
  • Read this: “What I Lost in Libya,” where Clare Gillis recounts her capture by Qaddafi’s forces. While covering the Libyan Civil War, Gillis and two of her colleagues were captured and imprisoned in Tripoli. A third was killed. A truly captivating account.


  • Brian Williams is the best and obviously has great taste in everything (The Wailin’ Jennys!)
  • My parents always sent out the best Christmas letters (they had to be irreverent and funny because I never had any exciting athletic or scholastic accomplishments to report) and i’d love to carry on the tradition and send some nice notes to my friends this year. I’ve been eyeing the great collection of holiday cards Paper Source has, so keep an eye on your mailbox come December!
  • Kathryn White  is our very first internet friend and I love her moving advice which is totally essential to every 20-something, plus Childish Gambino has been my jam lately. Best of luck in your new city, Kathryn! (ps If you read our blog and you don’t actually know us, you should follow Kathryn’s lead and tell us! We will probably like you!)
  • Carrying on my tradition of choosing links related to obscure science that no one cares about, here is how skyscrapers work. I can’t be the only one who wonders why they aren’t just constantly toppling over or collapsing under their own weight, right?
  • Brett McCracken (chronicler of all things hipster and christian) details the 45 things he wants in a presidential candidate including that they have “the leadership style and familial demeanor of Coach Taylor on Friday Night Lights.”  YES.
  • I’m always looking for music I can have on in the background when i’m writing or studying and this is a pretty great collection. (via Marty)


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5 responses to “what we like this week

  1. Kathryn’s my best friend and she got me onto your guys’ blog 🙂
    ps. can’t wait for that sigur ros album/film!

  2. Hi. I read Kathryn’s blog but I found you guys elsewhere. I think Twitter suggested it. And I think I’ve commented before. But anyway, I always look forward to your What We Like This Week posts! 🙂

  3. pourdownlikesilver

    The Wailin’ Jennys are fantastic, nice to see that acknowledged!

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