a challenge

The internet is taking over my life. I’ve been getting so incredibly sick of staring at my computer screen, but I can’t bring myself to look away. I am a part of so many social networks that if you took everyone I am ‘connected to’ and say, threw a party, well then it would be one huge ass party. Any reading I’ve done lately is online and I don’t remember the last book I touched (Ok…this part is an exaggeration. But still.) I’m constantly tweeting, pinning, stalking (fess up…we all do it), catching up with shows on Hulu, and exploring other blogs so often that I’m destined to have carpal tunnel by the time I turn 30.

The last book I finished (The History of Love) took me approximately 2 months to complete- and it was an incredible book! I could lie and say that this is because I am incredibly important and busy, but who are we kidding? That’s the opposite of true. I’m reminded of my old self: the little girl who read two Nancy Drew books a weekend, the 13 year old who read all 3 Lord of the Rings books in a summer, and the teenager who stayed up all night finishing each Harry Potter book on the nights they were released. I want to go back to being that girl. The girl who reads. Fervently and diligently.

SO, I decided that I need a challenge. One that I could make public so I would have to do it. I’m going to read 4 books in 4 weeks. Easy, right? This (hopefully) will jump start my enormous wish list of books I want to read. I also hope that it will pull me away from relying on technology as entertainment. Here’s the lineup:

So there it is. 4 weeks, 4 books. Starting this Sunday. If anyone out there would like to join me, then PLEASE DO. I’ve always wanted to be in a book club. Or start one. We can make up clever literary names and drink coffee while discussing themes and metaphors. But seriously…how awesome would that be? (If we are coming up with literary nicknames then I want to be Elizabeth Bennett. Obviously.)


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5 responses to “a challenge

  1. I’m in. Long distance book club?

  2. annemariedimond

    This is wonderful. I am happy about week four. I hope you will be too.

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