what we like this week


  • You know how when you live with someone you start to develop strange little habits and phrases that you both say without even thinking about it? Well, my roommate and I love breaking out the warble-ly little Marcel the Shell voice whenever possible, specifically “guess what I like to wear as a hat? A lentil.” and “hello, this is me.” I was so delighted to find that our tiny friend has his own app! Purchasing this for me is a guaranteed way to my heart. (via Gwen)
  • Why old books smell so lovely (via The Atlantic Wire)
  • Really looking forward to the rest of this series on The Rabbit Room about Christian storytelling. “If we’ve got our doctrine of sin and salvation down, but we can’t genuinely connect those truths to our own very real, very complicated stories, we might just be using theology as a hiding place.” Definite food for thought
  • Listen to this while reading this (Just a warning, they compliment each other well but the combination may result in a malaise of sorts)
  • On a totally different note, the history of rap series Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake have going on makes me so happy
  • The dramatic ending to game 6 of the World Series sounds SO MUCH BETTER in a British accent.
  • Letters of Note has been one of my favorite sites lately. Its aim is to bring previously private letters to the masses. The result lends me to believe that I should be writing letters to people more often. That way if I someday I become famous my old friends will send the brilliant letters I’ve written them to “Letters of Note.” That way I’ll know when I’ve made it.
  • The last words of 25 geniuses, including Steve Jobs. I’m sensing some emerging themes, here.
  • Ok. This is fascinating: The story of how a letter on Hitler’s stationary, written to a boy in Jersey, reached the CIA. (via The Washington Post)
  • Lets just take some time to celebrate being human, ok? This guy filmed a year of living in NYC and made a wonderful montage. I’m crying.

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