katie’s fall five

Leaves have a burnt smell underfoot. When its dark and cold all I can think of are flannel and bonfires. as well as pumpkin pastries and listening to lots of Angus and Julia Stone. I’m no longer wearing cardigans, but heavier coats. I am immersed in Autumn and I couldn’t be more content. Here is what helps me enjoy the season:

  1. Incorporating sweet potatoes in everything. I bought 6 sweet potatoes last week and have been eating them nonstop. A couple days ago I improvised a recipe: roasted nutmeg sweet potatoes over wild rice. Here’s what you do: chop up sweet potatoes into squares (after peeling and rinsing off). Put them on a baking sheet. Sprinkle on some olive oil, a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon, and some sea salt. Bake for about a half an hour on 350 or until they look done-ish (I’m no food blogger…don’t expect me to be too specific here). Serve over wild rice that you buy in a box. Or make your own. Whatever. Either way, its delicious.
  2. The Cardinals won the world series on Friday. This is probably the only sports related thing you will see on this blog, like ever…unless I’m talking about the top 5 most beautiful soccer players or something (which has been known to be something I bring up in conversation sometimes). Anyways, I’m from Saint Louis so this picture makes me emotional and proud. 
  3. You know how much I love to have a soundtrack on hand for everything: Currently I’m listening to new Feist and Laura Marling. These ladies have inspired my perfect fall playlist.
  4. I have been loving going to brunch lately. Something feels so fall-ish about waking up on a Saturday or Sunday, putting on a leather bomber jacket, boots, and an infinity scarf, and taking a brisk walk to meet a friend for brunch. It is honestly a lovely weekend routine.
  5. Obsessing over Rugby’s NYC  Tweed Run. I think its easy to understand why:

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