what we like this week

Sorry friends, our Chicago reunion meant we were a little too busy to tend to this little corner of the Internet this week! But, don’t worry, Friday links can’t be stopped!


  • Is it okay to be jealous of a little kid’s style? Because I SO am.
  • Just a little infographic checking in on the status of all those wonderful inventions we’ve been promised in movies. Seriously, why aren’t we teleporting yet?!
  • 285 Indian girls named “unwanted” officially change their names. So beautiful!
  • 4 pieces of relationship advice movies need to stop giving (This is so true even though I obviously still love Zooey Deschanel)
  • What do I have to do to get Sophia Rossi to be my bff? Just tell me who I need to talk to.
  • And last but not least, a comprehensive guide to Taylor Swift arm dancing. I was once told that Taylor and I both dance “lanky and awkward, like you have a glass of champagne in your hands at all times” I’m taking that as a compliment.
  • Can we just get real for a second? Making friends post high school and college is hard! Here’s a how to. 
  • Ira Glass on the Creative process via a short animated video. THIS is golden.
  • “…and that’s why songs are here. And that’s why people are here.” Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak discusses her songwriting process and performs ‘Holy, Holy’ (one of my favorite songs off their album).
  • The trailer for Andrew Bird’s documentary. Let’s pray he decides to release it to the masses.
  • Are you confused by Occupy Wall Street? WELL you’re in luck, because this decades old Calvin and Hobbes strip explains it extremely well.
  • Erin Foster is my idol. She is the voice of my inner conscious (check this out).

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