friday links


  • Everything is better in miniature, even tire swings.
  • Love this behind the scenes piece on how a pitch becomes a joke on Parks and Rec, one of my secret dream jobs is being a sitcom writer
  • Celebrity Civil War look-alikes, what?! I love the Internet!
  • Alas, winter is fast approaching, but that does mean one wonderful thing: winter squash!
  • Anthroparodie. Need I say more.
  • A short film about a barber called “Through the Middle.” One of seven short docs about near-obsolete occupations.
  • The Decemberists perform “Down by the Water”¬†featuring Gillian Welch at ACL. I love this song the most.
  • Why you won’t find me up in da club.
  • So you are telling me that documentary filmmakers followed the cast of Harry Potter around during the filming and release of the last two films and are making a movie about the process??? Emily and I are freaking out here guys.
  • Halloween advice from Joy the Baker. (“Don’t be a Sexy Panda and 8 Other Festive Tips.”)

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