bff rules

If you haven’t realized it already, the basis of this blog is a friendship. The reason we started ‘but first, coffee’ is so we could keep sharing thoughts, ideas, and New Yorker profiles on Rahm Emmanuel over longer distances than we are used to. Sure, we didn’t need a blog to do this, but it helps us feel connected to one another.

Recently, Mindy Kaling (who we love and admire), posted a list of BFF rules on her blog. It is a manifesto of sorts, a list that defines her relationship with her best friend in the entire world. Mindy’s list includes some extremely important rules, such as “I must try to like your boyfriend 5 times,” and “I can borrow all your clothes.” We got to talking and realized that without realizing it, we had an unenumerated list of our own that we ought to make official. Ms. Kaling inspired us to not only to do this but also officially dub this week our first official bff week in preparation of being reunited in Chicago this weekend. SO, we present our bff rules:

  1. Your wine* is my wine in all situations. If we are at your house, pour me a glass of whatever is on your counter. If we are out, I will take a sip of whatever you ordered without asking.
  2. You have to watch all the same TV shows as me and speak casually about characters as if they were our friends.
  3. You have to make me go shopping and be patient as I mope around the store complaining. Furthermore, make me try stuff on. A best friend should intimately know the shopping strategies of the other friend and act accordingly. Example, Emily should say to Katie “You aren’t allowed to buy any more black or grey things” and Katie should lovingly point out to Emily that she always has 3 of what she just picked up to try on.
  4. I can talk to you on the phone while going to the bathroom.
  5. You have to always be honest and tell me when I look good but realize that sometimes I just feel bad about myself and that is OK (I.E. you have to say “Your hair doesn’t look greasy at all but if you want to shower before we go I understand”).
  6. You should support me in everything, like if I hypothetically wanted to make up a secret twitter account where I could post cryptic song lyrics about my mood then you would agree to help me come up with a name.
  7. Anything I text you is private and you aren’t allowed to tweet it without my permission. Besides, we are the only ones who think it is funny.
  8. Furthermore, I am allowed to text you whenever I want about whatever I want. You have to respond to at least every third one.
  9. If I want to get to a Taylor Swift concert 8 hours early to stand in line hoping Taylor herself will come outside and hand out backstage passes, you are required to be right by my side through the whole thing.
  10. I will always help you with the household chore you hate the most.**
  11. If we are going to dinner together you have to know that even though I say I don’t know what I am in the mood for that I already have a very specific place in mind and I need you to guess what it is. You have to play this game with me every time.
  12. You have to hate all the same people I do in the same specific way. (I.E. “Yes, you are right. Her hair IS too long. I never want to talk to her)

How about you? Do you and your bff have rules? Make sure you let us know what they are. Also, happy bff week!

*$8 Cabernet, duh.

**Emily: doing dishes, Katie: making her bed



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3 responses to “bff rules

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  2. Allison

    Another one is u can never call the other one ugly.

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