what we like this week


  • You know when you find something on the Internet and you think to yourself “How did someone else find out what was going on in my head” and you get scared that you may not be as interesting as you thought but also you feel unequivocally known at the same time? Well, thats how I felt when I found this. (I hope this site someday makes up a word for that feeling.) [via Cary Randolph]
  • The other day I met someone at school and they said “Oh, are you the girl who can rap Super Bass?” Yes, yes I am. But i’m no where near as good as this girl! Guys, this video makes me happier than I could ever express.
  • Fascinating NY Times article about the people who make food look so delicious in commercials
  • A balloon artist traveled around the world making hats for people and seeing how laughter brings people together. How fun!
  • In honor of last week’s news that Arrested Development is coming back here’s a list of the shows 10 best minor characters. J. Walter Weatherman is definitely my favorite. Always leave a note, kids. [via Washington Post Style Blog]
  • Ahhh…the wonder of the White House state dinner. In this piece by The Washington Post, the ceremonial dinner is examined and traced throughout different presidencies. Sound boring? It totally isn’t I promise!
  • There are two things I love in this world: beer and fall. So thank you Paste Magazine, for ranking 8 pumpkin ales for me. I want to try them all!
  • This Chipotle commercial made me tear up. And also want to eat Chipotle (damn you advertising!). Either way, its totally worth it to watch! The song in it is pretty great too (Willie Nelson covering “The Scientist” by Coldplay.)
  • I’m not super into music videos, but here are two you should watch: ‘Crossroads’ by Marketa Irglova and “Roll Away Your Stone” by Mumford & Sons.
  • Kinfolk, you have done it again. I just want to move to a small town in France and have dinner parties with my friends! Is that too much to ask??
  • Here’s another excerpt of Mindy Kaling’s upcoming book. Emily and I talk about how much we are excited about this umm I don’t know probably every day. So check it out, people!

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