what we like this week


  • Trees grown into bridges in India. How fantastical and beautiful!
  • My roommate bought a bread maker at a garage sale last weekend and we have been enjoying delicious homemade bread all week. I love this post on the NPR food blog about the healing power of cooking for someone.
  • Being in school for counseling means that I cry in public a lot, as in I have a study carrel in the library that I use specifically for that purpose. If you in any way relate to that you will probably enjoy this insightful NYTimes article on the subject. (Via A Cup of Jo)
  • Mindy Kaling has a website and that is wonderful. Now if only her book would come sooner!
  • This photo is unbelievable.
  • Katie and I have discussed our confusion about engagement photo shoots at length. I just don’t really understand the purpose (are we alone in this?) That being said, I sort of love this. I don’t need a fiance, I just need any boy to take pictures and twirl me around in a library- just for an afternoon, I’m not looking for a big commitment here.
Katie (short version. sorry guys).
  • New music alert! Listen to new Rachael Yamagata and Marketa Irglova.
  • A wonderful interview by Maurice Sendak. “I refuse to lie to children.” (via The Guardian)
  • Make this immediately: black bean and sweet potato tacos. (via Joy the Baker)
  • The AV Club’s fitting tribute to Steve Jobs.
  • “What’s the most important lesson you learned from a teacher?” (via PLoS Blogs)

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One response to “what we like this week

  1. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for about a month now, and I just had my engagement pictures taken last week. So I can at least tell you why I had them done. I’m just speaking for myself, though.
    Practical reasons:
    1. We’re getting married on a holiday weekend, thus we will need save the dates. And I like photo save the dates.
    2. We’re doing a table at our reception of our parents and grandparents on (or near) their wedding dates (one set eloped!). And we want a picture of ourselves there, too. Obviously it can’t be on our wedding day, hence, engagement pictures!

    Frivolous reasons:
    1. Who doesn’t like a photo shoot?
    2. My fiancee is cute, and I now have a super cute desktop picture of us. Aw.

    I think most people do it for frivolous reasons, which I think is a waste of money. I also think a lot of people have the made just to put on Facebook, which is just lame.

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