decorating your first place: what our furniture is pointed at

I know you’ve all be anxiously awaiting this reveal, so here’s the other side of our living room!

Here’s our TV and makeshift gallery wall! I tried to make the gallery wall the fancy way by cutting out the frame shapes out of newspaper first and then arranging them on the walls with tape. This is a great way to do it, however (pro-tip) make sure you mark on the newspaper which way the picture is supposed to go otherwise your efforts will be in vain (not that this happened to me…) The giant book canvas was a birthday gift from Pottery Barn and the small print of the girl as well as the silhouette print at the top are from Etsy. The Sufjan album was a Christmas gift but the rest of the art is either homemade or not really art at all, just pretty things I framed.

How cute is this? I tore it out of an old planner- pretty fancy. I also have a matching coffee mug so that everything feels unified while i’m sitting on the couch in the morning watching The Today Show. Oh, that’s weird?

I’m pretty sure this I first saw this tutorial on DesignSponge. Basically, I took the contents of my parent’s junk drawer, spray painted it black, and glued it on to a canvas? Doesn’t get much easier than that!

Do y’all have any favorite crafts or ways to make a place feel more like home? Let us know!


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