what we like this week


  • Okay, there has been a disappointing lack of response to my plea that someone please talk to me about the Large Hadron Collider, so i’m moving on to something else. DID YOU KNOW THE INTERNET IS MADE UP OF CABLES THAT RUN UNDERNEATH THE OCEAN?! This blows my mind. It also blows my mind that I use the Internet 24/7 but I had no idea where it came from other than the blinking black box underneath my couch.
  • Roost is just about the prettiest food blog i’ve ever seen and I can attest that the butternut squash soup with pear, cider, and vanilla bean recipe is pretty tasty, too!
  • Also tasty is Madison’s recipe for healthy pumpkin butter. I could eat this straight out of the bowl.
  • We here at “But First, Coffee” love Zooey Deschanel something fierce. Her show “The New Girl” premiered this week and I think the theme song is so adorably perfect i’m stealing it for my own personal theme. “You’re a lollipop, no second prize” It’s like really precious girl power.
  • Found this great tip about how to get that half moon nail effect. I tried in on Tuesday and it worked like a charm!
  • Life to Her Years, a blog about a father’s advice for men with daughters is so wonderful. A nice companion to 1001 rules for my unborn son
  • “If there are two things I find refreshing, they are milk with ice in it, and Aubrey Plaza.” Tavi Gevinson, you are precocious and I love you. Anyways, here is an interview that Tavi did with Aubrey (who stars in Parks in Rec) for RookieMag.
  • Stop frame animation with paper…umm YESPLEASE. This video was made for Papermash, which is a letterpress company run out of the UK. Everything about it is lovely.
  • Real talk: baking for boys. Ok guys, trust me here. This is BY FAR the best apple crisp you will ever taste. And if you need to bake something for a boy, this is your recipe (via Joy the Baker). I’m currently living with 3 boys so I’m planning on making this for them next week so I get some leverage when it comes to them doing the dishes, ect.
  • If you’ve been following my links for over a month, you probably know that I am fascinated by riots. This made me laugh lots. (via NYT)
  • Looking for a new pair of boots for fall/winter? [Duh…who isn’t?] I found this particular Pinboard helpful (via Louise Boyd).
  • I was going to post this article about the economics behind the joblessness of American youths, but hey. I don’t want to leave you guys on a sour note. SO have a happy weekend and we’ll talk about unemployment rates next Friday. CLASS DISMISSED!

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