a mixtape for fall: katie

Delicious Autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking successive Autumns.

-George Eliot

My desire for fresh music is in perfect synchronization with the changing of seasons. Fall holds a special place in my heart that requires a special soundtrack.

Keeping with Emily and I’s tradition of making each other mixes as soon as summer ends and we feel like we need to turn off the Girl Talk and crank up some Patty Griffin, we thought we could feature some fall music on the blog. Today, I bring you my mix. Emily says that my music is always “about two levels sadder than what she’s listening to at any given time,” so keep that in mind as you listen.

Note: I’ll include the track list below, but the songs are up on my Spotify profile. Here’s the link.  Also, Emily will be posting her mix tomorrow, which I’m sure will be filled with Autumn cheer for your listening pleasure.

Champagne Year//St. Vincent

The Story I Heard//Blind Pilot

Best For Last//Adele

Mistaken For Strangers//The National

Orange Sky//Alexi Murdoch

Quiet Houses//Fleet Foxes

Postcards From Italy//Beirut, Jeremy Barnes

The Park//Feist

Curs in the Weeds//Horse Feathers

Lillian, Egypt//Josh Ritter

Our Bleeding Hearts//The Great Northern

Different Names for the Same Thing//Death Cab for Cutie

Shell Games//Bright Eyes

Gagging Order//Radiohead

Sing a Song for Them//Jenny Lewis

Lonely Company//Quiet Corral

To Be Alone With You//Sufjan Stevens

Hope you enjoy and happy Autumn!

Love, Katie



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5 responses to “a mixtape for fall: katie

  1. You guys. The more you post, the more I’m certain we are kindred spirits.

  2. I’m obsessed with your blog! Thank you for positng your list to Spotify–so easy to follow, and I’m digging it so far. Would love to see more of these posts (and your decorating tips) in the future!

  3. Mallory Wiegers

    so i am loving that you’re listening to quiet corral. they are the sweetest men

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