A letter to my {42 year old} self

Dear 42 year old self,
I hope this finds you well. I hope see this and smile, thinking of the 22 year old version of you: optimistic, fresh, and two days shy of moving to a new city.

Does everyone still call you Katie? Or did your romantic anglophile notions of being called Kate eventually take over? If so, I hope you are wearing a black pencil skirt and Warby Parkers. I bet you look smart and sexy, like Kate Winslet.

I digress…

I hope you don’t feel old. I’m sure you are the same in many ways as you were at 22, drinking Blue Moon on porches and starting but never finishing crafts on Saturday mornings. Knowing us, I’m sure you haven’t let the obligation of the adult routine stop you from being spontaneous, relaxing for more than the occasional Sunday afternoon, and enjoying (and I mean really enjoying) your family and friends. If you’ve faltered here, don’t fret. It’s never to late to be a kid again.

Do you have kids? Do you have a husband? If the answer is yes, then I hope you have a yard and a porch. Are you the sort of mom you always wanted to be? I hope so…I hope you take walks with your kids and read to them every night. Don’t forget to read your daughters Anne of Green Gables, and after this is done please watch the movie. Do this at least once a year. Also, make sure you play in the snow with your kids. Don’t ask why…just make sure you do.

What is your husband like? I hope he smells good and makes you breakfast for dinner when you don’t feel like cooking. Did you take awkward engagement pictures? If so, don’t display them around the house. Please, just don’t. Most importantly, make sure you are spontaneous with your husband. He is your life partner and best friend after all.

Did you ever revisit Wales like you wanted? Please tell me you still have an up to date passport. If not, then march your ass to the nearest post office and fix that immediately. If you haven’t been out of the country in over 10 years, then plan a trip. Go to Greece, South Africa, or Norway. Those are places we’ve always wanted to go.

Most importantly, just remember that you don’t have your shit together yet. There is always room for growth and change no matter how comfortable you are. Break bad habits, find a new hobby, and love everyone better.

There are still adventures to be had. Keep laughing at yourself.

22 year old Katie
P.S: Did the economy ever turn around? Just wondering…

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