what we like this week


  • I’m back with more than hair tips! (though still overwhelmed by massive amounts of reading!) My new favorite study break is typing words into “the color of” a new project which lets you find out the color of a word by overlaying flickr images. It’s fascinating to watch the process and the end result is always something pretty (and accurate- yes, that IS the color of Thursday.) via A Subtle Revelry
  • Another new Ryan Adams song, this time it’s the title track from the upcoming “Ashes & Fire.” I can already tell it will be in heavy rotation this fall! (Also check out NPR First Listen to hear the new St. Vincent and A.A. Bondy)
  • The Atlantic published this fascinating collection of photos from the week leading up to September 11, it’s rare to put an event of this magnitude back into the context of the everyday things that were happening right before.
  • Is this the perfect room? I’m inclined to say yes.
  • As we, and many other actual news sources reported, Ryan Gosling broke up a street fight in NYC a few weeks ago, here he is explaining the event (and just making me love him more. OBVIOUSLY). He’s so wonderfully self-effacing: “Then the guy from The Notebook shows up and makes it weirder” Perfect.
  • Hopefully I can embrace the coming of fall by baking a loaf of this pistachio pumpkin bread this weekend! And for more great recipes, check out The Supernatural Recipes search engine from Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks (thanks Andy!)
  • Ok, I think Emily basically covered everything this week. Plus, I’m busy right now jamming clothes into boxes and making sure my two favorite mugs don’t break. Yep, moving day is today. But, in the tradition of change, here’s a wonderful video celebrating the end of Summer (via Kinfolk Mag).

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  1. I sent Camille a subtle email entitled “birthday hint” with a link to a Ryan Adams concert coming up here in October. I hope she gets it, I stuck it between two *cough*s. Smooth.

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