guest post: an open letter to my slanket by molly mulcahy

We’re not saying that if we write a post about how much we love you that you have to write a guest post in response, but is is a very nice trend. Plus how could we say no when Molly asked us if she could write about something so near and dear to her heart?! Because of Molly the slanket has become an important part of my life and I hope you make some room for it in yours.

Dear Slanket,

First of all, I am so sorry for all those people who think you are a snuggie! That crappy piece of polyester sold at Walgreens has nothing on your luxurious, warm fleece. You’re a classy blanket with none of that weird team sports/college mascot crap.

Who would have known you would be large enough to adequately warm two college students in the depths of a Midwest winter? More often than not though, we spend most of our time wrapped up just you and I. We lounge around on a Saturday morning eating breakfast and cruising the internet while watching Selena Gomez kill it in some Disney movie (that Emily probably made me watch grudgingly but that I now love). How did I do all three of these things at the same time before you?! I’ll tell you how:
a very awkward mix of sweatshirts, gloves, and a blanket from my childhood I may or may not still sleep with.*

We’ve had some good times together, indeed. The times we spent on the roof at Brickhouse, smoking cloves and drinking beer while you helped me memorize flash cards for the CPA exam. (sorry for that burn mark, btw.) The times I tricked company into thinking you were a normal blanket. “Wow!” they’d exclaim, “This blanket is so warm and soft!” and I would whip out your sleeves and exclaim “Aha! And it has sleeves!” Lets be honest, that kind of freaked some people out. We had several more outdoors + cloves + beer adventures once I moved to Kansas City. You were always a faithful friend, encouraging me to watch just one more episode of the West Wing. We bonded over how smart and witty Josh Lyman was. And we even made sure that wasn’t real…(but we were secretly hoping it was.)

Did I mention I have a dog? Yeah, he loves you too, maybe a little bit too much (sorry for the humping incident last week, I swear he’s getting fixed). We’re both anxiously awaiting the days we’ll get to spend with you this winter in my new house. Well, its actually really a old house and probably doesn’t heat very well, which is why you will fit in perfectly! I’ll drape you over the obscene amount of goosebumps forming on my legs while we cruise Pinterest and excitedly watch Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks hate and love each other over AOL in You’ve Got Mail. Speaking of the internet, here’s a cheer for the faithful friend who brought us together. Well played, interwebs, well played.

Love always,

* this is a may.


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