people we know and like: molly mulcahy

Molly wasn’t always my friend, in fact the first thing I knew about her was that she emphatically did not want to be my friend. We interned at my church together the summer after freshman year. At the first meeting, we sat around a conference table drinking Kool-Aid squeeze it’s and answering perfunctory “get to know you” questions, when it was Molly’s turn she let us all know that she already had five best friends and she wasn’t looking for anymore.

That settled it.

Except somehow in between Sundays spent eating pizza in the prayer room and trips to the lake we did become friends. She let me borrow her clothes (mostly, I think, so she could borrow mine) and we bonded over our mutual love for hanging out all the time. At the end of the summer when her five best friends came back, we stayed friends. There’s a pretty lasting bond that’s formed when you end up in the police blotter for accidentally falling through a ceiling because you are so completely consumed by an elaborate campus-wide treasure hunt. (The victory of which you are both still convinced was brutally ripped from your hands, but that’s a story for a different day….) That week of treasure hunting, the all consuming nature of which simply cannot be explained unless you have experienced it, pretty much solidified our friendship.

Molly may not be your best friend but she is absolutely the best at being a friend. She will tell you when you’re wearing something she doesn’t like but will also tell you to just wear clothes. She will read you the Jesus Storybook Bible out loud with very little coercion and she always wants to eat good food. She likes routine (she is an accountant, after all) and was the co-founder of Moe Wednesday’s and the coalition of people who sit in Memorial Union. She remembers all of your important events, even going so far as to send me a bouquet of my favorite kind of pens in honor of starting grad school. She is equally up for an adventure as she is for lying around all afternoon watching ABC Family movies wrapped up in her beloved Slanket. She is honest, the kind of honest that is winsome and makes you want to be honest too.

I always say it’s good to have friends for different occasions. For instance, you need a friend who is hilarious, a friend who is wise, a friend who will watch whole seasons of Laguna Beach with you in one day, a friend who will listen to you talk about a boy you like, etc. And if you happen to find all these qualities and more in one friend, well then I don’t think you need any more.

That settles it. 😉

What? You need more reasons that Molly is so great? Well just read her answers to our really official questionnaire!

1. What is your memoir title?
where’s my calculator? true stories from a christian AND an accountant.

2. What is your favorite thing on the internet right now?
this – in eager anticipation of his arrival in kc on september 9th (damn you kathleen edwards for sweeping up the pieces of his broken heart after that bitch emma!)

3. Whats your most embarrassing song in your top 25 most played?
hold on by wilson phillips. i swear i loved this before bridesmaids made it big again!  also, i’m a confessed belieber – ‘eenie meenie’ is frequently on when i need some encouragement to get dressed for my big girl job.

4. What fictional character do you most identify with?
in a really bizarre way – scarlet o’hara from gone with the wind. she is really selfish and manipulates people to get what she wants. at the end of the book (spoiler alert) she just ends up sad and isolated. this is what i think my life would look like if jesus didn’t promise to finish the work he has started in my heart. 

5. Whats on your nightstand?

bible, journal, lots of books i want to read but probably wont ever. and an awesome mini hippopotamus my friend lindsey brought back from uganda for me.

6. What is your favorite word?
i’ve been using oscillate a lot recently. it feels really fancy, but really just means back and forth. well, i’m not sure if that is what it means but dammit thats how i’m going to use it!

7 .What do you most value in your friends?
 the ability to oscillate between a conversation about laguna beach and a conversation about what it means to be satisfied in jesus alone. (see! oscillate is so fun to use!)

8. What would you make a documentary about?
what my dog does all day when i’m gone. including, but not limited to, eating my socks and throwing them up at 5am on my birthday.

9. What’s the best group project you’ve ever participated in?
since i had all of 3 in college and they were all miserable, i’d say fourth grade in mrs nichols class where we adopted baby chicks. i got an a.


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