what we like this week


  •  I know you’re going to think I am such a slacker for only posting one link this week, and, well, I sort of am. I started grad school on Tuesday and let me tell you they are not kidding about the crazy amounts of reading! But, to make up for it, I am giving you the BEST LINK EVER via who else but Molly Cover, the source of all good tv, hair, and wine related things in my life. It’s a tutorial video on how to do a sock bun (I know what you’re thinking- go with me here.) and it may just change your life. I’ve been trying to achieve that perfect fashion blogger top-knot for ages and it turns out the tools I needed have been waiting patiently in my dresser all along. Your limp second day hair can thank me later. (And if you end up trying it- and why wouldn’t you?!- let us know what you think!)
  • Now that Emily has given you a brief update on her life, here’s mine: I am moving to Chicago in a week! I scored a nannying job up there and I couldn’t be more excited to make a new home for myself. Speaking of transitional jobs, here is a New York Times article about how recent college graduates about stalled life paths and our ‘generation limbo…’ so true of what is happening to me right now.
  • If you’ve read some of our older posts, you know how I feel about karaoke. Lesson #1: It never hurts to be prepared.
  • Bon Iver: The Craftsman (Thanks Kathryn for tweeting this).
  • It was John Locke’s birthday (no not the character from Lost) this week. We are talking about the father of classical liberalism here, people. If you need a tutorial on why the U.S. exists as a nation, here you go.
  • One woman rewrites Forbes’ list of the world’s most powerful women. “A list by women, for women.”
  • The fact that I have a favorite Supreme Court Judge makes me the biggest nerd ever, but this is a great read about Clarence Thomas and his wife via The New Yorker.


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2 responses to “what we like this week

  1. Mom

    Em! This works! I only have to the chin length hair but now have an awesome bun!
    It’s a miracle!!
    Water into wine!


  2. Anonymous

    Your feminism grosses me out.

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