summer mixtape: listen to this immediately

  1. The Ellie Goulding Remixes. This girl played at William and Kate’s wedding reception, for goodness sake. Her poppy beats and incredible vocal range are more than perfect for night drives, getting ready to go out, and sitting on window seats reading tabloids. When you take this and add a dubstep-esque beat, the product is perfection. Listen to the remixes of “Lights” and “Starry Eyed.”
  2. “MoneyGrabber” by Fitz and the Tantrums. If you feel the need to dance around the kitchen like a fool while preparing a feast for tonight’s dinner party, then this song is your jam. Put it on repeat and whisk, my friend.
  3. Lord Huron. Warning: this music is strictly for the broody-wonderlust stricken days. Don’t pretend you are above this. If it is overcast and raining, chances are I have Lord Huron’s album on repeat. Start with “The Stranger.” It is simply a lovely song.
  4. Grace Potter & The Nocturnals. Grace Potter is 100% female badass. When the Missouri heat and humidity couldn’t possibly get any worse I embrace it, roll all the windows down, take the long way home, and rock out to some Grace Potter. It makes the dead heat of August so much easier to bear. First, listen to “Paris (Ooh la la)” and “Only Love.”
  5. Wye Oak. This is my background music, the substitute for silence. Listen to this when you are doing everyday tasks such as reading articles about the debt ceiling,  googling things like “how to find a job,” and sitting in Starbucks killing hours. Add “Civilian” and “Hot as Day” to your summer playlist.


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4 responses to “summer mixtape: listen to this immediately

  1. This mixtape just makes me convinced we’d be real life friends if we shared a state.

  2. Brian Young

    Hey Katie,
    Great blog. Just realized you had one. Kristen and I saw Wye Oak live a few weeks ago. Definitely a must see in a small venue. Can’t wait to catch up over the holidays.

    Brian (your cousin in Seattle)

  3. Thanks Brian! I bet that was an awesome show. Tell Kristen I said hello and I’ll see you guys over the holidays for sure.

  4. cmeagher

    if you were a real blog you’d post free mp3s of the songs. :D:D:D

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