an open letter to taylor swift


First of all, can I call you Tay? I feel like we’re really close since I spent all last weekend in the same arena as you singing along to really personal song about your life. Maybe me calling you Tay makes you uncomfortable because I know so much about you and you don’t know anything about me, which is totally reasonable.

Well, I’m 23 and I start grad school next week to learn how to be a counselor. I also work part-time at a toy store which I think is so whimsical. (I’m really into being whimsical- I think we might have this in common.) Oh, and I have the entertainment preferences of a 14 year old girl. I love your bestie Selena and I am very emotionally invested in “Pretty Little Liars.” (Taylor, who is A?! Can you use your celebrity powers to figure this out for me?) I also like you, of course. To be honest, most of my friends like you too, but they would probably say you fall under the category of guilty pleasure music because we are supposed to be adults who listen to adult music. I don’t believe in having guilty pleasures, I think if you like something then you like it and you shouldn’t be embarrassed. And I’m totally not- which is why I’m okay telling the Internet that I saw both of your St Louis shows this past weekend and that on Sunday night I was in the middle of making a very sad looking sign in a desperate attempt to upgrade my crappy seats when a cute Auburn grad who works for you offered my friend and I pit passes. He was around our age and it had the potential to be a total meet-cute except I spazzed out and rambled on about how excited I was like an insane person. (If you happen to see this boy please tell him that I am not crazy. I am a normal person who writes open letters to strangers on the Internet!)

Anyway, that’s how I ended up watching you show from the pit on Sunday night and how I somehow transformed from a semi-professional grown ass lady to a screaming teenybopper jumping up and down and telling a six year old to “BACK OFF” because she tried to steal my spot. (You don’t understand, she was being a real brat and her mom was hardcore invading my personal space.)

Can I just say that you put on a phenomenal live show? I love that you dance on stage the same way that I dance to your songs when I’m alone in my bedroom- strutting around and making exaggerated facial expressions. You, your band, and dancers seem to be having the best time. The first night I saw you, my two friends and I were up in the cheap seats. You gave a little monologue about how great a crowd we were and how you were so happy to be in St. Louis. My friend, who is a more reluctant fan of your’s than I, leaned over and said, “You know what? I totally believe her.” Even though you gave the same speech the next night and probably every night of your tour (Not faulting you Tay, just stating facts!) I believed you too. That’s not an easy thing to do, but you seem to be remarkably un-cynical and unbelievably amazed and grateful that 14,000 of us chose to spend our evening with you.

I saw so many little girls holding up signs declaring that this was their first concert and I was so happy that a generation of girls gets to grow up with that experience. When you and I were growing up, we had Britney and Christina who were fun, but they didn’t get us, Taylor. They were making music that made us wish we were older than we were but not speaking to us where we were. They didn’t tell me that when I was 15 and someone told me they loved that I would believe them or that it was okay to feel reflective and sad about moving out of my parent’s house. They didn’t make silly YouTube videos of adventures they had with their band and I don’t remember Brit ever writing a song about her break-up with JT.

I hope that when those little girls I saw this weekend grow up they will be able to proudly tell their kids that this was their first concert and it won’t seem embarrassing or dated the way that Britney and Christina seem now because I hope you will still be making music that I will hopefully still be dancing around in my bedroom to.



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