what we like this week


  • Anne Hathaway is so charming and I can’t wait to see her in “One Day” this weekend! Bonus points for the Marcel the Shell reference.
  • Here at “But First, Coffee” we feel it’s our obligation to keep you up to date on the latest coffee related news. This week: how coffee rings are made. More complex than you think!
  • I’ve been playing Monopoly wrong for years and didn’t even know!
  • Some music for your weekend, perfect for kitchen dancing! Sugar + the Hi-Lows and the new Mat Kearney
  • A particularly interesting collection of Longreads: the middle class, education, and the current state of egypt. If this doesn’t sound interesting…then adjust your worldview.
  • Chris Martin talks new Coldplay. What caught my attention was that an entire song is based of the book “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy. One of my favorites. Something to get excited about? I certainly think so.
  • 8 Reasons young Americans don’t fight back: how the US crushed youth resistance. SUPER interesting read.
  • Healthy living: a spiritual discipline? Interesting thoughts.

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