what we like this week


  • A guy trying to teach his 81 year father to use the internet told him that to Google something you had to type it into Twitter. The result is the hilarious OldManSearch (Thanks for showing me this, Kaitlin!)
  • Katie and I are seeing Taylor Swift on Sunday and her new video for Sparks Fly has us jumping up and down with non-age appropriate excitement!
  • While we’re on the subject, this video of Ellen scaring Taylor Swift makes me laugh harder than anything.
  • Loved reading this interview with HelloGiggles co-founder (and my personal hero) Sophia Rossi on why their site is so successful.
  • Here is something you may be surprised to learn, I love (I mean LOVE) baby animal pictures and YouTube videos so these newborn cheetah cubs are making me lose my mind.
  • (I know these are the most shallow Friday links ever but give me a break, I moved this week. I did have time to read 10 page articles on the Large Hadron Collider.)
  • (And luckily…that is what you have me for this week, dear readers.)
  • Reuters compiled a social media timeline of the UK riots. Fascinating. Completely worth reading in full.
  • 10 Books you really should have read in high school: an alternate list
  • A look back at the home front during WWII (and in color!). These pictures are oddly futuristic while reminding us of the past at the same time.
  • I love Chicagoan Andrew Bird and he is basically a musical genius. Also he’s releasing a documentary which I’m sure will be incredible. Make sure you check out this live video of him performing at one of his ‘church shows’ last December.
  • Humor me and my love for the Brits: NYT article about how a British admire of America finds his voice.

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