what we like this week


  • This video of two British guys visiting Wal-Mart for the first time. “How niche do you like your Coca-Cola?”
  • I really wish this Crewcuts dress came in my size!
  • Loving these short videos about travel: Move, Learn, Eat is the new Eat, Pray, Love
  • Marc John’s whimsical illustrations. The one below is my favorite

  • “I had no idea literature could do that.” To Kill a Mockingbird, revisited.
  • Here’s a powerful remix of raw footage from recent global protests and revolutions. I am really fascinated by this.
  • A copy of the MTV Real World cast member contract. Just as crazy as you would imagine.
  • Bon Iver plays a house show (“Pocket Party”) in Paris, France. Everything about this is intimate and lovely.  (Thanks, Seth)



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2 responses to “what we like this week

  1. Those takeaway show videos were the first Bon Iver songs i ever heard/watched a few years ago.
    I have found one other that I can listen to… everything else (video and song wise) pales in comparison.

    You should check out the rest of the take away videos, there are some really good ones on their website (I spent half a day watching them last year)


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