but alas, john hughes did not direct my life…

For those of us who are products of the 80’s and early 90’s, writer and director John Hughes played a huge role in  our lives (whether we like to admit it or not).  At the age of about 11 I began to beg my mother to let me watch Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles. They were both on her “to0 inappropriate for your pre teen mind” list. Devastated, I coped with other John Hughes flicks just as the Home Alones and Uncle Buck. Finally I discovered how to lie to my parents…I watched the forbidden films at a friend’s house.

My life was never the same. I was fascinated by Molly Ringwald. Nay, I wanted to BE Molly Ringwald. She had it all! I constantly imagined myself in a Breakfast-club like situation….I picked out who in my class would be there. What jock, what stoner, ect. Who was I? What was my identifier? When I thought of high school I imagined it in 80’s teen flick terms….with The Breakfast Club version of Judd Nelson as my boyfriend. This was my new standard.

As I grew up and actually went to high school, my life did not take shape exactly how John Hughes told me it would. The parties weren’t nearly as crazy as in Sixteen Candles, and skipping school was never as fun as it was in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Despite this disappointment, the lessons I learned from these films prepared me nicely for the angst ridden 4 years that was high school. So, as a tribute, here are some lessons I’ve learned from John Hughes films:

  1. Man, it sucks to be poor (Pretty in Pink).
  2. The most fun you will ever have is when you break a few rules (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off).
  3. You never really appreciate your family until they are gone (Home Alone).
  4. Never give your underwear to a Geek (Sixteen Candles).
  5. Life is hard for everyone, in the same ways (Breakfast Club).
  6. Technology, although wonderful…is a scary thing sometimes (Weird Science).

So, there you go. If anyone wants to have a movie marathon soon, let me know.



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2 responses to “but alas, john hughes did not direct my life…

  1. just one more reason to love him.

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