why is there a microphone in my hand? [and other concerns]

Chances are if you are out of college you have been put in the totally terrifying weeknight karaoke situation. I mean, seriously people. Why is this a thing? I already had to shower, put makeup on, and wear uncomfortable shoes. NOW I have to get up in front of a bunch of strangers and sing a watered down version of “Waiting for Tonight” by JLo??? 

Come on. Is this some sort of welcome to adulthood hazing ritual?

It always seems like a good idea. You get a text saying “3 dollar pitchers. Karaoke night. Be there.” I mean, why not? Its Wednesday night. Its either this or sit at home watching season 1 of prison break and eating an entire bag of pita chips.

So you go. If you are lucky, you can sit in the back, make fun of the guy singing “Ice Ice Baby,” and go mostly unnoticed. HOWEVER, before you know it you are getting pushed on stage and being forced to sing something terrible. And of course you don’t want to be that girl; you want to be fun and carefree. Hell, you are 22 and single. This is what having fun looks like!

This better NOT be what having fun looks like. Never again. I don’t care how cheap the pitchers or who is going to be there. I’d rather wake up with a pita chip hangover any day.

How did the performance go, you ask? Let’s just say JLo would have NOT been proud.


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