what we like this week


  • The last episode of Friday Night Lights aired on NBC last week but, if you’re still in need of some encouragement from Dillon, this mash-up of Coach Taylor’s best speeches should do the trick. Clear eyes, full hearts y’all.
  • Everything Emerson Made makes is so lovely and her India collection is no exception. I’d totally rock that caftan.
  • This open letter to the person in charge of new punctuation. A backwards question mark is the perfect symbol for sarcasm and I fail to see why this hasn’t been invented yet.
  • A public service announcement: Cherries are in season, do yourself a favor and go get some.
  • The BBC posted an article with the “50 worst Americanisms.” Basically, it includes everything Americans say that Brits find annoying (which, turns out, is a lot). A few days later The Economist posted a hilarious retort. 
  • If you have never read a dissenting opinion by Justice Clarence Thomas, then you are missing out on loads of laughs. His dissent in Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association is no exception. Who says the Supreme Court can’t be funny?
  • I went to see Fleet Foxes play this week, and I’m still on a concert high. If you haven’t been listening to them, then do yourself a favor and start. Here’s a classic.

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