thoughts on love, breaking up, and getting over it from a 16 year old

When my 16 year old sister Sadie found out we were starting a blog, I got this email the next day. Sadie is obsessed with being heard. She always wants to ensure people are listening to her and taking her seriously. Sadie had just gone through the 16 year old version of a break up (i.e. she dated a boy for two weeks then he broke up with her via text message) and she was reeling from the ‘loss.’

Reading Sadie’s thoughts got me thinking about what I was like when I was 16 – how I would have been just as momentarily depressed, just as willing to put these thoughts on paper and used a lot of ‘….’ and repetition for dramatic effect.

SO, lets all pause for a moment, remember our first break up, and reflect on how far we’ve come.

“Listen Up, Because I’ve Got Something to Say,” by Sadie Stipanovich

I am Sadie Stipanovich, I am 16 years old. Some say that kids should be “seen and not heard.” But I believe that every person, including kids, should have a voice. They deserve to be heard. Everybody has a voice, and I choose to be heard.

One habit I find my self doing all the time is sitting behind and observing. I normally am the one talking and participating in the conversation…but there are times when I just keep quiet and listen. During these times I hear a lot, and I learn a lot about life and human nature. The most interesting is girls… girls want to be happy so badly. They don’t want to feel any hurt or pain, they want to be blissful and confident…they strive to find those feelings, and in sometimes the wrong places….boys.

The opposite sex is a dangerous road that is traveled by all the time. Girls test their boundaries, and find those feelings through men. They do whatever it takes, even if it includes throwing away their dignity or their reputation…I have seen three girls in this past month find out that their boyfriend is cheating on her…cry for about a day or two…then the next day I see the same girl hugging and hanging on that same boy, all for those feelings on pain to go away.

Girls go to scary limits to feel happy again, and it is so easy to get caught up in it all, because it happens so fast without you even knowing it.

(Side note: she now goes into lengthy detail about her relationship/breakup. You get the idea. I edited it down for length.)

But my point is: Hard times come with pain and heartache. You go to bed sad and confused, and then you wake up and for a split second, you smile…because it’s summer and its warm outside, and your best friend is coming over today… but then you remember, and remembering is the worst part, you remember and all the pain and all the hurt comes back, and it makes you feel even more worse. Life has its ups and it has its downs. When challenges come our way, we want to run and hide, we want to curl up in our bed and not want to face the world. We want to forget, we want to be happy again. But the thing that makes you happy is gone, and it happened just like that…within the blink of an eye.

But happiness is always just around the corner. It is always just around the corner. And that is what keeps me going, that is what gets me through the hard times.

So, take the 16 year old’s advice: “happiness is always just around the corner.”

P.S: Dear boy who did this to my little sis: you better be watching your back. Seriously.


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