girl, get your shit together

Do you ever look at someone and think, “Man, that person has defied the odds. They really have it together. I respect that.”
I certainly do…a lot.
This is a list of people who have defied the odds: crazy families, bad rapper names, weight problems. They have come out on the other side of these things demanding respect. So…this is me saying “props to you guys! you really have your shit together.”

LL Cool J- At first glance, you might be confused. I mean, his rapper name stands for ‘ladies love cool james.’ Seriously LL, you are better than this. You might also think to yourself, ‘Damn, I can’t name one rap song by LL Cool J.’ However, boyfriend got his shit together. You will know this if you have seen A. his guns and B. NCIS. He’s also been married to the same woman for 11 years and they have 4 kids. I respect that above all else.
The Olson Twins– If you are a child of the 90’s you probably remember dancing around the living room to Mary Kate and Ashley’s ‘my first video.’ Their hits included ‘Brother for Sale’ and ‘Peanut Butter and Jelly.’ I swear I still get those songs stuck in my head. They overcame their awkward teenage years (has anyone seen ‘Passport to Paris???’), anorexia, and New York Minute. NOW, they are billionaires in possession of a fashion empire. If anyone deserves to be taken seriously, its MK and Ash. Way to go, ladies.
Jennifer Hudson– She got 7th place in American Idol. SEVENTH PLACE. And look at her now! She, seriously kicked ass in Dreamgirls. Girlfriend has got a voice. Even when tragedy struck her family a few years ago, she quietly took some time off and came back confident, sexy, and about 50 pounds lighter. So, Jen (can I call you Jen?), girl, I respect that. And I respect you.
Khloe Kardashian – To the uneducated, non E! watching folks out there, Khloe Kardashian is the reject 3rd Kardashian sister who is always on the cover of US for her weight problems. BUT have you ever watched Khloe & Lamar??!! Khloe somehow landed herself the best husband ever: NBA star Lamar Odom. They have a surprisingly loving and functional marriage. Also, Khloe is brimming with common sense. If you watch the show long enough, you understand that everything Khloe says is right. AND she made a unisex fragrance???? Who does that???? Khloe, that’s who.

So…go forth…and get YOUR shit together.


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2 responses to “girl, get your shit together

  1. ladies love cool ryan

    cuz I beleeb in romance kissin while we slow dance, no matter the circumstance. danget i need to get my ish together

  2. emilylewis

    I would like to add Jennifer Garner and Kate Middleton to this list

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