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This is the part of our blog where you get to reap the rewards of our Internet prowess. If curating cool stuff on the Internet was a job Katie and I would have been employed long ago, but, alas, we’re still handing out our resumes and offering you this great stuff for free. Enjoy!


I am loving this photo series documenting the things people would take if their house was burning down, although I think anyone who doesn’t include their computer is totally lying.

This article on the Large Hadron Collider is a year or so old but still worth your time- If you find this at all interesting PLEASE talk to me, I am fascinated.

Marissa Ross’s Wine Time videos on Hello Giggles are far and away one of the highlights of my weeks. I’m considering implementing “the Ross test” on my new summer wine- Malbec Rose.

I’ve been practically living off this quinoa and black bean salad. I used to think quinoa must be hard to make because it was hard to pronounce. Turns out if you can boil water and set a timer then you can make quinoa! Now go, you have no excuse!


SO in right now…especially with the hipster set…I bring you the Barbour jacket. Brought to my attention by my dear friend Jeff, these jackets are British, badass, and practical.

Meryl Streep you’ve done it again! This time she’s coming to us as the one and only Margaret Thatcher. I CANNOT WAIT for this.

I think I’ve done it! I think I’ve found the perfect leather tote bag!
Mumford & Sons debut a new song. Need I say more?

Speaking of music, we would mutually like to recommend the following songs which served us well this week in Chicago.  We found they were best experienced in a Mini Cooper with the windows down, but you can just work with what you’ve got.

Pumped Up Kicks: Foster the People

Bright Lights, Bigger City: Cee-Lo


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