blogger cage match: hellogiggles vs. matchbook

Every wannabe 20 something girl blogger faithfully worships more seasoned female bloggers. It’s just a fact. Lately I’ve realized that these girls can be divided into two categories: Matchbook girls and HelloGiggles girls. If you aren’t familiar, Matchbook is an online magazine who claims the subtitle “the field guide to a charmed life.” I quickly realized that I was not, in fact, a matchbook girl, considering I love my Adidas sweatpants much more than my yellow cardigan from JCrew; not to mention that my roots are showing and I would much rather have a beer than a mint julep.
Just as I was feeling lost on the internet, wondering if there would ever be a band of females could come up alongside me and appreciate the same things as I do (lounge wear, wearing flip flops in inappropriate places, and self-dying my hair) HelloGiggles came along. These ladies are hilarious. With posts titled “How One Bottle of Grey Nail Polish Made me too Important” how could it not be awesome?
So, just to clarify where you stand, here are some quotes from Matchbook and HelloGiggles:

Matchbook quotes:
The Matchbook girl… is trying her hand at @GwynethPaltrow‘s grilled tuna rolls – a perfect summer lunch, we say:)

The Matchbook girl…is the queen of the artfully arranged vignette.

The Matchbook girl… adds strawberry picking and a new croquet set to her Summer wish list.

Being kind is the Matchbook way 🙂

The Matchbook girl… has a soft spot for letterpress and apricot ink.

This Matchbook girl never met a gingham she did not like.

HelloGiggles quotes:
Look, I’m not saying write out a list that describes Prince Charming down to the freckles in his eyes, but don’t just settle on anyone that happens to be funny with a job – Marissa A. Ross

I always just feel like I’m being bossed around when I go to a surprise party: “Oh, could you park your car 4 blocks away so she doesn’t see?” Or when you are suddenly shushed from your mindless small talk with someone’s 2nd cousin because of a false alarm that the GUEST of HONOR has arrived. Do not shush me until you have 100 % confirmation and also just don’t say, “Shhh!” to me, ever.- Sophia Rossi

Anyway, so on this lovely Sunday at one of LA’s finest establishments, I was not exactly feeling my finest. I knew this wasn’t my crowd (beautiful, fashionable, married ladies). – Sophia Rossi

I walked into the restaurant alone, shifting my tights and taking a deep breath as I tried to overcome the fear of assigned seating. That is everyone’s fear at a party, admit it. -Sophia Rossi

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love grocery shopping. If there’s another thing you should know about me, it’s that I like Paris Hilton’s music. Like, I bought it and it’s on my iPod. – Stephanie Sparer

I pretended instead that I’m cool and collected and not neurotic as I silently picked up some Earl Grey and she, some vegan gluten free non-dairy organic something Oolong and we parted ways before I got the chance to tell her Rachel Cruz was lying, but if I was a lesbian, I’d be like Portia de Rossi. Seriously, that woman is crazy gorgeous. – Stephanie Sparer

So, I had bleached hair and it started to get really weird because of the pool and the sun. It was like, a blondish greenish. Not appealing! So I decided, “Oh, I am going to try to be all cool like Joan Jett and cut it off so it wont look bad anymore!”
BIG MISTAKE! – Ruby Karp

These are the words I repeat to myself when I need to create an empowering moment.- Marianna Tabares

As much as I’m dedicated to the hip hop lifestyle, I also like to mellow out with moody indie rock. How diverse of me! – Molly McAleer

So, ladies, who is it going to be? Matchbook or HelloGiggles?


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4 responses to “blogger cage match: hellogiggles vs. matchbook

  1. Matchbook mostly makes me throw up a little bit in the back of my mouth. HelloGiggles all the way!

  2. I’m a Matchbook girl.

  3. If this was an election you would be sued for not giving equal access to platforms to both parties. This is more slanted than coverage of the Royal Family by News of the World .

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