the thrill of the steal

Happy 4th of July friends! We are living it up in Chicago, hoping the midwestyle boys can find us a party to wear our pretty dresses to. Hope your night includes fireworks, barbeques, and popsicles!
And now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

A couple months ago Katie and I did something really embarrassing. Something we both promised we wouldn’t tell anyone about…..we went and saw Fast and the Furious 5.
Not only that, but we went and saw Fast and the Furious 5 and we LOVED it.
We loved it so much that we couldn’t keep it a secret. People looked at us in disgust, they thumbed their noses and shook their heads. “Isn’t Vin Diesel in that?” They would say scornfully. But we were undeterred.

Our excitement about Fast 5 led Katie and I to an important moment in our friendship- discovering our mutual love of heist movies. Discovering that someone likes heist movies is tantamount in my mind to discovering someone likes olives. Both are small obscure things in which I take profound satisfaction but seem to not be enjoyed by many of the people know.

People see heist movies are seen as low-brow entertainment. Predictable and improbable. Maybe this it you. Maybe you’re the kind of person who prefers their films to be obscure subtitled meditations on the human experience. Maybe you actually stayed awake during “Tree of Life.” If this sounds familiar then allow me to educate you on the beauty of a good heist movie.

A heist movie will always contain the following things:
-An attractive team of oddballs is assembled to steal something, they will be introduced via an amusing montage
-They are always roped in for “one last job”
-They always manage to stay impossibly cool under pressure and make funny little quips in life or death situations.
-The heist will be performed in the most complicated and ridiculous manner possible.
-The tech-savvy character can access any computer system EVER at the drop of a hat
-The pretty girl always has a very specific skill- safe cracker, etc- that in real life a person of their level of attractiveness would never have.
-Half-way through the film, the team realizes that the main character isn’t just stealing something randomly, he has a personal vendetta against who they are stealing from. Everyone threatens to quit but the main character makes an inspiring speech and convinces them to stay.
-The final scene of the film always sets up the potential for a sequel. This can be done by showing a character winking slyly into the camera- they have not given up their life of crime after all, they are powerless against the thrill of the steal!

Being experts (loosely defined here as “people who just really like something”) we have compiled a list of our favorite heist movies should you be so inclined to check out the genre. They are, in no particular order:

-Oceans 11
-The Italian Job
-National Treasure
-The Great Muppet Caper (Katie disagrees with this, but has allowed me to include it.)
-Inside Job
-White Collar (granted, this is actually a tv show but still meets the qualifications. Katie also disagrees with this but I have an unabashed love of USA programming so I am including it.)

Any others we missed? Let us know!



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2 responses to “the thrill of the steal

  1. annemariedimond

    But first, (see what i did there?)
    let us establish that heist movies and “Tree of Life” are not mutually exclusive. Because, i love them both. (well, maybe tree of life a little more.) Glad you two started this bloggy.

  2. annemariedimond

    Also, The Usual Suspects. Am I right?

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