but first, an introduction

“Oh great,” you might be sighing to yourself (while simultaneously rolling your eyes and sipping on your chamomile tea)….”Another couple of ‘Cup of Jo wannabes’ who are starting a ‘stuff white girls like’ blog.”
I have no arguments concerning this statement.

Emily and I (Katie) are indeed starting this blog. Mostly because I need a way to publicly document all of the crazy stuff Emily tells me. But more than that, Emily and I have a deep and unmitigated desire to share our thoughts, ideas, and stories with people. We want this to be a forum where we can do just that.

Just keep in mind that this is (hopefully) not a narcissistic experiment that will fail us in two months. This is for us…so that we can look back on our formidable years of being fresh out of college and remember wanting to have a husband like Lamar Odom and desiring to be seen in public places reading the Atlantic. (Are you still with me?)

That being said…hope you enjoy!




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3 responses to “but first, an introduction

  1. cmeagher

    More than just reading the Atlantic, scribbling NOTES in the Atlantic, amirite?????

  2. lindsey

    hurrraaaaayyyyyyyy, i say …

  3. Mom

    You two are just TOO cute!!!


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